1909 Gordon Campbell brings Aetna Life & Casualty to Little Rock and forms his insurance agency, Campbell Agency.

1948 War Memorial Stadium built! Our founder, Gordon Campbell chaired the committee and was the driving force for building the stadium.

1964 Allan E. Meadors purchases the insurance agency from the Officers of Commercial National Bank and merges with Warren Baldwin, forming Baldwin & Meadors.

1978 James M. Adams purchases the successor to the Campbell Agency — Hornor Woods & Adams.

1983 Baldwin & Meadors and Hornor Woods & Adams merge to form Baldwin Meadors & Adams.

1985 Name changes to Meadors & Adams, Inc. Principals, James M. Adams and Allan E. Meadors.

1987 Andrew B. Meadors joins the agency.

1989 Meadors & Adams purchases the Twin City Agency from Frank Lyon, owner of former Twin City Bank, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Garth Martin and Steve Ware join the agency.

1999 Andrew B. Meadors becomes a Principal of Meadors & Adams.

1999 Roberts Lee joins the agency as an Account Executive.

2005 Roberts Lee becomes a Principal and agency renamed to Meadors, Adams & Lee.

2007 Meadors, Adams & Lee joins APPEX group sponsored by Marsh Berry.  This best practices exchange network is designed for innovative and high-growth agency.

2007 Meadors, Adams & Lee expands to offer Employee Benefits, Life and Health products.

2009 100 years of insurance service celebrated.

2014 Relocated to the newly constructed Arcade Building.

2016 Roberts Lee becomes agency sole owner.