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Meadors, Adams & Lee has developed a proprietary strategy that is fully compliant with the complex requirements of the Affordable Care Act. You won’t find this solution being offered by any other company.


With the January 1, 2015 deadline to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) behind us, many brokers still have not helped their clients understand and navigate the legal requirements this new law presents.


Our team at Meadors, Adams & Lee has devoted the necessary resources to develop the best solution for the Affordable Care Act.  You will not find our complete, unique strategy anywhere else.


You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your business to connect with Meadors, Adams & Lee today.


To receive more information for your company’s insurance needs, please submit the following:


We will be sharing confidential information with each other. In order to protect both your business and ours, please sign & submit this Non-Disclosure-Agreement.


  • Complete attached Census.

  • ACA Year-to-Date Tracking reports for ALL employees per entity from your CPA or Payroll vendor. We want to see reports showing all active employees and year to date hours worked.


For questions or concerns feel free to email us at or contact us at 501-372-5200.

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