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  • 1909  Gordon Campbell brings Aetna Life & Casualty to Little Rock and forms his insurance agency, Campbell Agency.

  • 1948  War Memorial Stadium built! Our founder, Gordon Campbell chaired the committee and was the driving force for building the stadium.

  • 1964  Allan E. Meadors purchases the insurance agency from the Officers of Commercial National Bank and merges with Warren Baldwin, forming Baldwin & Meadors.

  • 1978  James M. Adams purchases the successor to the Campbell Agency — Hornor Woods & Adams.

  • 1983  Baldwin & Meadors and Hornor Woods & Adams merge to form Baldwin Meadors & Adams.

  • 1985  Name changes to Meadors & Adams, Inc. Principals, James M. Adams and Allan E. Meadors.

  • 1989  Meadors & Adams purchases the Twin City Agency from Frank Lyon, owner of former Twin City Bank, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • 1999  Roberts Lee joins the agency as an Account Executive.

  • 2005  Roberts Lee becomes a Principal and agency renamed to Meadors, Adams & Lee.

  • 2007  Meadors, Adams & Lee joins APPEX group sponsored by Marsh Berry.  This best practices exchange network is designed for innovative and high-growth agencies.

  • 2007  Employee Benefits department formed.

  • 2009  100 years of insurance service celebrated.

  • 2014  Relocated to the newly constructed Arcade Building.

  • 2016  Roberts Lee becomes agency sole owner.

  • 2017  Cultural plan implemented that included new Chief Happiness Officer, Cee-Gee Lee, our french bulldog!

  • 2018  4 Disciplines of Execution implemented to provide the Ultimate Customer Experience.

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