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Let’s be real.  People don’t like insurance.

Research indicates that our industry ranks near the bottom on lists of ‘Most Admired Professions’. We recognize that fact and offer an alternative that counters popular opinion.


This difference all started with Allan E. Meadors and Jake Adams. They built an agency around the principles of trust, honor and integrity. It’s the way they were raised and they were careful to only hire people that shared those same traits.


Roberts Lee is committed to maintaining the level of ethics and integrity that has been earned over the past century.

We also believe in treating our staff like an extended family.


We celebrate life’s joys and lift each other up in our times of need. Keeping this family culture is one of the cornerstones of our firm. It also keeps our staff turnover to a minimum which means long-term, stable relationships with our clients.


Here’s the deal.  People don’t like insurance … until it’s needed

To replace a home or business, fix your car or pay the hospital bills. That is when our industry shines.

We think this is a special group of people and invite you to get to know them.
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